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[Info-cvs] Strict Locking patches etc

From: Adnan Khan
Subject: [Info-cvs] Strict Locking patches etc
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 13:01:05 -0700


I have been browsing the egroups message boards/rcvs
What I need to ask you is firstly I need  the patches for the strict locking, where can I download them from, I only see the patches for the patches for the/ which ones do I need. Also Is there a way with the "cvs edit" to know if the file is already locked by a user(or include a swtitch with cvs status to include this feature if not already there).

I had been using the admin -l here but need to switch to either rcs
(dont want to because of the features that cvs provides you with) or to stay with cvs if there is some feature that can allow me to have a error free strict locking. Also is there some way to to remove the question which cvs asks if you try to use cvs admin -l on a file that is already locked by another user(Do you want to break the lock?) or have a status which can tell me about the locks.

I appreciate your help in this regards,


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