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[Info-cvs] Re: run cvs standalone?

From: Richard Wesley
Subject: [Info-cvs] Re: run cvs standalone?
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 09:00:37 -0700

[ On Monday, September 18, 2000 at 13:58:23 (-0700), Richard Wesley wrote: ]
 Subject: Re: [Info-cvs] run cvs standalone?

 Except that he wants to use MacCVS Pro, probably for Macintosh
 development, and a shell account will not help him there.

Well obviously I don't know very much about MacCVS-Pro, but I've been
assuming that it can use either RSH or SSH to invoke the remote CVS
server.  If not then obviously it's not going to work

OK, I see what you were suggesting now. It sounded to me like you thought he should use command line cvs and keep his files in his shell account.

What you suggest should be possible, assuming he has a PPP account (probably a safe bet these days). The only catch is that he will need an rsh or ssh client. I believe that there is one commerical Mac rsh/ssh client.

I found the following message in one of my grubby filing cabinets. It sort of describes how to do this, but I have never done it myself. Also, these directions are for MacCVS, not MacCVS Pro.

At 12:48 -0500 3/9/00, Sean Levy wrote:
Richard Wesley <address@hidden> writes:
At 19:48 -0500 3/8/00, Sean Levy wrote:
I'm now trying to set up a reasonable development environment under
MacOS 9.  I've got XEmacs and MPW, and grabbed MacCvs.  I have
both niftytelnet and F-Secure ssh clients.  I cannot figure out
how to get MacCvs to use either ssh client to connect to my server.
I have never used the cvs pserver stuff, just plain old cvs over ssh
(i.e. CVS_RSH=ssh).  I'm clearly missing some essential clue: anyone know
what it is?  A quick search on for the archives of this list
doesn't turn up anything that describes this.

There is a tech note on how to do this with Perforce at


I gather that a similar trick will work with MacCVS although I have
not tried it.

It does indeed.  What was I thinking?  Of course, an ssh tunnel!  I
use ssh tunnels for every other facet of my e-life, why not this?

Ssh: Computer security's answer to duct tape.

Here's what you do:

  1) Set up the CVS pserver on your repository host as normal.  I
     also put a line that says

        cvspserver : LOCAL

     in /etc/hosts.allow [my hosts.deny says ALL : ALL].  My server
     is on a heavily attacked/probed network, which is why I do not
     allow unencrypted connections to begin with.

  2) On the Mac, configure your favorite ssh client to create a tunnel
     from port 2401 [or whatever, but 2401 is easiest] on the Mac to
     port 2401 on localhost [remember, with tunnels the host name gets
     interpreted on the remote end, so "localhost" is what you want].

  3) Ssh to your host to set up the tunnel [or do whatever your ssh
     client wants you to do in this regard; with F-Secure, you just
     connect to the machine for which you have defined the tunnel
     in its settings].

  4) Configure MacCvs to use


     as its CVSROOT.  NOTE: I had some trouble with my Mac not
     understanding either "localhost" or "" correctly.  I
     am not a big Mac guy, I just plugged the thing into my home net
     and it DHCP'ed itself an IP address from my OpenBSD DHCP server,
     so all of that seems to work.  What I ended up doing in my
     frustration was to add

         localhost IN A

     to my nameserver's database for the domain that my Mac thinks it's
     in, so that when the Mac resolves "localhost" it does the right
     thing.  I think this is ugly, and not everyone runs their own
     nameserver, so I'm not sure what the "right" MacAnswer here is.

  5) Login with cvs and then check stuff out and whatever as normal.

This is working just fine now.  I like the GUI, though I personally am
not much of a GUI fan.  I just left a job where I was forced to use VSS;
in fact, I was tagged as the guy who was going to convert the shop from
VSS to CVS ["oh, YOU know CVS do you? well, have we got a project for
you..."].  I ran away screaming.

I used to be the CVS maintainer at CS.CMU.EDU years ago, but had not
kept up with recent developments.  Looks like the developers have kicked
some butt in the meantime.  Good job, folks.

Sean Levy                                                <address@hidden>
VP of Engineering | Halosoft, Inc.       


- rmgw

Richard Wesley           Electric Fish, Inc.       address@hidden

"Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words.  And here
 they are:  Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!" - "Harry Potter & Phil. Stone"

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