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Re: [Info-cvs] CVS for MVS: Configure question

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: [Info-cvs] CVS for MVS: Configure question
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 14:40:31 -0400

address@hidden wrote:

> This should probably be discuessed in cvs_devel.  Whom do I need to talk to to
> get submit access to this mailing list?

>From the DEVEL-CVS file distributed with CVS:

    Charter for the devel-cvs mailing list:

    The CVS Developers' List <address@hidden> exists to help people
    with access to the CVS source repository co-ordinate changes, make
    releases, and administer the repository.

    Everyone who has been given checkin access to the repository for the
    CVS sources should read devel-cvs.  Only those with checkin access may
    send messages to the list.

    The devel-cvs list may be used to discuss:
    - administrivia regarding the CVS source repository and release
      process, and
    - changes and features intended for inclusion in the official CVS
      release (either source code or documentation), which someone plans
      to implement, or has implemented.

    The devel-cvs list should not be used to discuss:
    - changes or features to packages other than the CVS release
      (e.g., related packages like tkCVS, RAD/CVS, or other groups'
      distributions of CVS, like RCVS, etc.),
    - changes which nobody has offered to implement, or
    - the philosophy of CVS (as opposed to a specific change to CVS).
    These topics should either go on info-cvs, or have a new mailing list
    created for them.

    The topic restrictions in this charter do not reflect the development
    group's future plans for CVS; rather, they reflect a topic
    classification which the group finds helpful.

I'm happy with info-cvs for this discussion, though I've sometimes tried to use
bug-cvs for the more technical design/patch related stuff.


Derek Price                      CVS Solutions Architect ( )
mailto:address@hidden     OpenAvenue ( )
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