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cvs 1.11 on unixware 2.1.2 pserver problems

From: Cameron, Steve
Subject: cvs 1.11 on unixware 2.1.2 pserver problems
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 14:29:05 -0500

Hmm, just built cvs 1.11 on unixware2.1.2, running pserver, 
with unixware 7 and Openserver 5 clients running cvs 1.11

With a 1.10.8 pserver on unixware 2.1.2, the 1.11 clients work
fine, but when I try switching over to a unixware 2.1.2 + 
cvs 1.11 pserver, I get (on the client side) 

cvs co -c
cvs [checkout aborted]: recv() from server mycvsserver: EOF

I had some problems with "make check" and "make remotecheck"
too, but I attributed them to bad "tr" command..., 

The bit of code in to find the tr command seemed
to hang... but I haven't investigated that too much yet.

Anybody have any ideas what might be happenning?

So for now, I'm using a 1.10.8 pserver with 1.11 clients...


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