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Re: How can I list fixes in a BRANCH that have not been applied to MAINL

From: Stephen Cameron
Subject: Re: How can I list fixes in a BRANCH that have not been applied to MAINLINE?
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 17:11:42 -0700 (PDT)

Alexander N. Spitzer writes:

> If this is a common question, then I am sorry. I have spent a couple hours
> on google, and,
> and still have no answer....
> question:
> mainline
> --------------------
> \
> \___branch-1_0_0_
> branch-1_0_0 is just bug fixes.
> Is it possible to get a list of all bug fixes in branch-1_0_0 that were
> never merged (i.e. forgotten) into the mainline?

Short answer: not really.

The closest thing I can suggest would be:

(supposing you have a top level module called "everything"
that means all of your source code...)

Just tell CVS to redo the whole merge, but don't commit,
instead inspect what it thinks needs to be done.  A lot
of times, things that are already merged won't show up
as diffs if they went in smoothly the first time.

cvs co everything
cvs update -d -P -j branch-1_0_0_
cvs diff -u > diffs.txt
cvs -nq update > files.txt

diffs.txt will contain the changes that
the merge thought were necessary.  This may
involve remerging changes and may cause
spurious conflicts.  OFten, the remerging
just magically works, producing the same
results as what's already on the mainline
for already merged code, so the diffs for
those will not show up.

In theory, all the "missed" merging will
show up in diffs.txt, but there will also
be other junk in there that was already merged

files.txt will contain a list of the files
that the merge thought were in need of changes.

This method is a long way from perfect, but it's
a starting point.    Hope it helps.

-- steve

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