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Moving repository (slowly)

From: Aldo Longhi
Subject: Moving repository (slowly)
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 19:42:33 EDT

CVS gurus:

I have a minor problem that I would like your input on...

I am running out of disk space on the partition that
currently holds my repository (accessed via pserver).
I have a new disk with lots of space and I want to move
the entire repo to this new disk.  My problem is that I
have users all over the world and I can't rely on them
to either (1) check in everything, delete sandboxes and
check out from the new location or (2) use the script
(I forget its name) for changing the "root" entries
in their local checked-out files.  My proposal is this:

(1) Copy the repo to the new disk.
(2) Rename/delete the original repo and create a mount
   from the new location to the old location.
(3) Distribute information about how to change the CVSROOT
   env. variable and also how to use that script whose name
   I can't remember (help?).
(4) Eventually, remove the "temporary" mount.

I figure this way, the entire repo will be available via
BOTH paths during the transition period and my users will
have plenty of time to change over.  Eventually I will
announce the day/time at which the original is going away
and anyone who has not transitioned by then can scream and
yell all they want.

How does this sound?  Any concerns?  Any better ideas?
Thanks in advance.

CVS 1.10 via pserver on an HP-UX server
Various Unix/WinNT clients

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