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source code for rcs57nt / cvs-1.9-win?

From: Greg Priem
Subject: source code for rcs57nt / cvs-1.9-win?
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 18:29:45 -0000
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I am looking for the source code used to compile the exe's contained 
in [which is a subset of the exe's in,
are also the same as the rcs exe's included with wincvs].

I am doing a daily conversion of a vss archive to cvs, using the 
vss2rcs.js script written by Curt Hagenlocher. [My group still uses 
VSS, but I want to have the speed [10x over the WAN] and flexibility 
of CVS, as well as seeing what it would take to convert.] Using the 
script, I notice that VSS does not mind it when a developer's 
computer's date is set to 2020, and the next version is in 2000, etc 
[I guess it is a 'feature' of not being client/server], but rcs's ci 
tool does care.

So, I want to get the sources for the rcs exe's being used, to see if 
I can hack something together for short term usage. The problem is 
that I cannot find the source code used to compile these exe's.

I have compiled rcs 5.7 [using the file from], but the exe's have 
different behavior than the ones in [ie: ci wants repo 
files to be in an RCS subdir]

Please don't tell me that rcs-5.7 is available in all sorts of
as the source _is_ different, according to the Id tags in the exe's:

strings ci_rcs57nt.exe |fgrep '$Id'
$Id: rcsbase.h,v 1995/09/24 22:37:52 marka Exp $
$Id: ci.c,v 1995/08/08 00:48:30 marka Exp $
$Id: rcslex.c,v 1995/08/08 01:28:08 marka Exp $
$Id: rcssyn.c,v 1995/08/08 01:34:06 marka Exp $


strings ci_rcs57pc3.exe |fgrep '$Id'
$Id: rcsbase.h,v 5.20 1995/06/16 06:19:24 eggert Exp $
$Id: ci.c,v 5.30 1995/06/16 06:19:24 eggert Exp $
$Id: rcslex.c,v 5.19 1995/06/16 06:19:24 eggert Exp $
$Id: rcsutil.c,v 5.20 1995/06/16 06:19:24 eggert Exp $

Does anyone know where I can get the full source, or a copy of the 
diffs which 'marka' had? [perhaps there is a cvs repository with this 
in it somewhere? I do not see it in the cvs repository.]

greg priem

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