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CVS Triggers at module-level and repository level.

From: nanandh
Subject: CVS Triggers at module-level and repository level.
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 01:11:57 -0000
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Hello All,
          I am facing the situation where I need to log messages 
whenever check-out takes  place. I could register messages when 
check out happens , but only at the module level. To be more precise
I changed the modules file to contain this line

mod2 -o d:\myprog mod2

This will fire the trigger 'myprog' whenever any file from 
module 'mod2' is checked out.However this will not fire when any file 
from any other module is checked out. 

I need some way where in I can log messages whenever any file from 
any module is checked out. Somebody please help me with this asap.

I am running CVS (1.10.5) on NT.

Thanks in advance,
Anand H N

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