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How to configure mail on auto commit

From: Ramesh Chander
Subject: How to configure mail on auto commit
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 11:37:23 +0530

Dear all,
  I want to configure auto mail commit message to the development team in CVS.
My CVS repository is on SUN sparc m/c and my mail server is a linux  m/c named
Lancer. can any body guide me the steps to do so. I will be thankful if you tell
me the entires to be put in all files for this.
Taking an example.
Repository is  /users/local/projects/cvsroot
users to be mailed  address@hidden, address@hidden

Also Is it possible that I can chnage the permission for commit/remove etc for
different users. For example some user can only do checkout not Commit and some
can do it.

Ramesh Rohilla

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