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Re: revision control

From: Tom Werges
Subject: Re: revision control
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 09:57:38 -0700

Suppose you want to revert it back to 2000-09-20:

Go to the base dir of where the person changed the files.

Type :
   cvs tag bad-revision
   cvs tag -D '2000-09-20' last-good-revision
   cvs up -j bad-revision -j last-good-revision

I haven't actually tried this before, so if it works type 'cvs com' and if not
type 'cvs up -A' to revert things back to their previous (crappy) state.


On Sat, 23 Sep 2000, Bill Shields wrote:
> Hello Everyone;
>       This is my first time posting.  I have been watching the interaction 
> for a 
> while, but I did not see that anyone recently had the problem I am having now.
>       Problem:  An individual has updated a bunch of files in a certain 
> directory.  This person was not supposed to update the files.  All the 
> files this person updated are all bad.
>       Question:  What is the best way to revert all the files back to the 
> previous individual versions that were good?
> Thanks
> Bill Shields
> address@hidden
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