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CVS uses Sydney time in Germany

From: Mark Johnson
Subject: CVS uses Sydney time in Germany
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 07:02:55 -0000
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Our firm has installed a CVS-Server on a SUSE 6.3 Mashine and we have 
a problem (and in the long term, won't be the last) who's answer I 
cannot find in Karl Fogel's book "Open Source Development with CVS".

The Problem is :

CVS uses internaly a Timezone that is 9 hours before my local time. 
Our local time is Berlin, Germany (GMT+01) and the time used must be 
in Sydney, Australia (GMT+10). The file dates/time on the Linux 
Mashine is correct, but inside the files (where the version numbers 
are written) it uses Sydney time. 

When a checkout/update is done on a local mashine (16:45) , the 
date/time set is Sydney time (01:45) and the RCS-ID is GMT+8 (23:45). 
Both mashines have MZ=+1 set (W2K and SUSE Linux 6.2). The compiler 
will allways compile these files due to the differnce in the dates of 
the .obj and source files.

The questions are :

What must be done in CVS to assure that files written to the client 
will use the local time.
Should something be set so that CVS will use GMT?

Mark Johnson, Berlin Germany

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