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RE: Questions on Checking out files

From: Paul Sander
Subject: RE: Questions on Checking out files
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 01:24:59 -0700

As Larry suggested, an upgrade might be in order.  You might also look
for files named "-x" in your users' workspaces, or files named "-x,v" in
your repository, or directories named "-x" in both places.

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    This problem occurs only for few of them in my team. I can checkout
files from the CVS repository without any problems. But for some of my
colleagues they are not able to checkout the files and gives the error
message mentioned earlier. Why does such a problem occur? As you have
mentioned in your mail,if the version is old then all of us should have
faced this problem. I am quite confused. If you can help me out with this
then it would be really great.

> co error: unknown option: -x,v/
> command format:
> co -l[rev] -p[rev] -q[rev] -r[rev] -ddate -sstate -w[login] -jjoinlist
> file ...
> co aborted
> cvs checkout: could not check out turn_tm

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