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CVS uses Sydney time in Germany : solved

From: Mark Johnson
Subject: CVS uses Sydney time in Germany : solved
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 17:28:17 +0200

We have solved this problem in the mean time.

The Linux-mashine hardware clock must be set to GMT / UTC / Z-Time
Timezone and sommertime must be set.

After that everything (CVS) works fine.

Mark Johnson, Berlin Germany

--- In address@hidden, "Mark Johnson" <address@hidden> wrote:
> Our firm has installed a CVS-Server on a SUSE 6.3 Mashine and we 
> a problem (and in the long term, won't be the last) who's answer I 
> cannot find in Karl Fogel's book "Open Source Development with CVS".
> The Problem is :
> CVS uses internaly a Timezone that is 9 hours before my local time. 
> Our local time is Berlin, Germany (GMT+01) and the time used must 
> in Sydney, Australia (GMT+10). The file dates/time on the Linux 
> Mashine is correct, but inside the files (where the version numbers 
> are written) it uses Sydney time. 
> When a checkout/update is done on a local mashine (16:45) , the 
> date/time set is Sydney time (01:45) and the RCS-ID is GMT+8 
> Both mashines have MZ=+1 set (W2K and SUSE Linux 6.2). The compiler 
> will allways compile these files due to the differnce in the dates 
> the .obj and source files.
> The questions are :
> What must be done in CVS to assure that files written to the client 
> will use the local time.
> Should something be set so that CVS will use GMT?
> Mark Johnson, Berlin Germany
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