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locking problem

From: krapivka
Subject: locking problem
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 18:03:55 -0000
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Hi all,

I know this was probably discussed in here before.  But it's very 
urgent, and for now i don't see a way out of the situation.  Ok, 
what's happening:

I tried tagging my src directory.  It complained, saying something 
 Cannot do 'WinUtil.h, --> WinUtil.h,v .   WinUtil.h,v already exists.

When i delete 'WinUtil.h, it just recreates the same file.  However, 
when i try to delete WinUtil.h,v it complains about Sharing 
Violation, source or destination might be in use.

I've tried everything...but any time i try to do commit, it fails.  
When i go to my server and try to delete WinUtil.h,v directly, it 
still complains about Sharing violations

Any ideas?  I am using 1.10.8 and WinCvs client.

TIA, Julia

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