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Better support for "groups" in CVS

From: HMahaffey
Subject: Better support for "groups" in CVS
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 16:15:43 EDT

I've set up a module where some of the subdirectories are writable by 
everyone, and others are writable only by people in specific groups.  It all 
works well, but there are a couple of enhancements (which I'll gladly pay 
for!) that I think would make the whole experience better.

When a user in GroupA checks out the module, the directories writable only to 
GroupB should be set to read-only.  It's kinda nutty that you don't know 
you're not allowed to commit a file until AFTER you make the changes.  (This 
is a pretty complex tree we're talking about here.)

Also when a user in GroupA is at the top of the tree and runs "cvs tag 
foo_v1", the tag operation should IGNORE those directories our user doesn't 
have the rights to access instead of aborting like it does.

All this sort of sounds like the PreservePermissions function, which Larry 
always described as being "notoriously buggy".  Is anyone fixing it?

Group support would be such a cool enhancement to CVS!  I never hear anyone 
talk about it and I wonder if there's some alternative that I'm missing.

:)hal mahaffey

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