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Isolating baseline from checkins

From: Matthew Berney
Subject: Isolating baseline from checkins
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 12:01:51 -0700

In our current environment, we have a problem maintaining a stable baseline.
The problem is that everyone checks into the tip and then we build from the
tip.  Then we have to sort everything out afterwards.

A few approaches have been considered (personal branches, and static tags).
Branches would work, but they are complicated to keep up-to-date.  Static
tags on the other hand, are simpler, but how do you handle two people
tagging different revisions of the same file?

Looking at this problem from a build point of view:
  1)  Apply a static tag to the entire repository (this is our baseline)
  2)  Developers tag the individual files that they work on
  3)  Update to the baseline + developer's tag.

Are there any scripts out there to help a developer keep track of the files
being worked on.  For example, looking at this problem from the developer's
point of view:
  1)  Update to the baseline
  2)  Update "my files" to the tip
  3)  When ready to "integrate" changes to the baseline, tag "my files".

How do people use CVS in a large organization?  How do you isolate the
baseline from developers checkins?

Thanks in advance,


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