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"No space left on device" error during cvs status/update

From: Robert Bresner
Subject: "No space left on device" error during cvs status/update
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2000 11:51:11 -0600


I'm on a client NT machine running cvs 1.9,
CVSROOT = address@hidden:/path/to/repostiory
df -k shows that my_machine has plenty of room on
all devices, including /tmp

My NT client machine has over 2GBs of space.

When I try doing a cvs status or a cvs update of the
aarea on my NT machine, I'm getting the error
        Cannot write to file.
        No space left on device. 

Now, this morning, the NT machine DID run out of space,
and I cleared out those 2GB. I've rebooted both machines,
just for fun.

The error persists.
This only happens (of course) in one area on my machine.
( I have multiple development areas checked out to different
branches/tags. I'm working exlusively in this one area lately.)

This doesn't happen in other areas, and it doesn't happen on 
other people's machines, with areas of the same branch.
I'll probably end up checking out a new area at the branch,
but then I'll have to merge in all the changes I've been 
making lately.

So, anybody know what got corrupted and how I can fix it?

Tanks and airplanes in advance...


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