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Re: "No space left on device" error during cvs status/update

From: Gary Heuston
Subject: Re: "No space left on device" error during cvs status/update
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2000 12:45:58 -0600

are you sure one of those development areas isn't in a partition that is
still out of space?  Normally a persistant out of space error means
SOMETHING is out, whether its a tmp area or whatever...


Robert Bresner wrote:

> Howdy--
> I'm on a client NT machine running cvs 1.9,
> CVSROOT = address@hidden:/path/to/repostiory
> df -k shows that my_machine has plenty of room on
> all devices, including /tmp
> My NT client machine has over 2GBs of space.
> When I try doing a cvs status or a cvs update of the
> aarea on my NT machine, I'm getting the error
>         Cannot write to file.
>         No space left on device.
> Now, this morning, the NT machine DID run out of space,
> and I cleared out those 2GB. I've rebooted both machines,
> just for fun.
> The error persists.
> This only happens (of course) in one area on my machine.
> ( I have multiple development areas checked out to different
> branches/tags. I'm working exlusively in this one area lately.)
> This doesn't happen in other areas, and it doesn't happen on
> other people's machines, with areas of the same branch.
> I'll probably end up checking out a new area at the branch,
> but then I'll have to merge in all the changes I've been
> making lately.
> So, anybody know what got corrupted and how I can fix it?
> Tanks and airplanes in advance...
> Rob
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