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New Server, old Repository

From: Ashley M. Kirchner
Subject: New Server, old Repository
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2000 13:29:15 -0700

    My old CVS server was brought down to its knees during an OS upgrade
and I found myself having to install CVS from scratch on a different
machine.  So, I now have cvs-1.11 installed on the new server, and I'm

    From the OLD server, I tarred up the /CVS repository (which contains
CVSROOT, and source directories for the projects), and I also checked
out every project and tarred them up.

    If I import those sources right now, as far as the CVS server is
concerned, it considers them new.  I won't have any of the (older)
revisions, right?  So, what's the best way to rebuild the CVS
repositories, maintaining everything that was on the old server?
Someone I don't think it'll be as simple as just copying the old /CVS
(tar) back into the new /CVS directory.  Or is it?

    The _only_ thing(s) I've done so far on the new machine are:
    - compile [ as root ]
    - run the tests (make check) [ as a normal user ]
    - make install [ as root ]

    I haven't initialized anything yet, so I still have a 'virgin'


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