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Re: Branching in a branch

From: Cameron, Steve
Subject: Re: Branching in a branch
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 08:38:49 -0600

David Munt wrote:

> I am about to branch from an existing branch. The existing branch 
> has tags set up to allow merges to and from the trunk and I have 
> successfully merged changes from the trunk into the branch 
> several times. The new (sub)branch will, ideally, allow merging to 
> and from from the existing branch. I would like to know if anyone 
> has attempted same and if so, what pitfalls, if any, were 
> encountered. I anticipate that such a setup will require a number of 
> tags to allow cross-merging from one branch to the other and vice-
> versa.

I've done it plenty of times, there isn't really any difference that I've
about doing branch to branch merges vs. trunk to branch or branch to trunk
merges.   They all work the same for me. 

-- steve

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