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pserver and cvswrappers

From: Dan Kegel
Subject: pserver and cvswrappers
Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2000 19:17:47 -0800

wondering about how to configure cvs to recognize binary files by name.

When using pserver mode, which side obeys {~/.cvswrappers, $CVSWRAPPERS, 
Does the client pay any attention to CVSROOT/cvswrappers (which may or
may not be on the local machine)?
Does the server pay any attention to ~/.cvswrappers or $CVSWRAPPERS?

>From examining the sources for 90 seconds, here's my guess:

The client-server protocol requires the data to be in LF form
when being transmitted over the net.

If a machine is running Unix, cvswrappers is a no-op 
with respect to CRLF conversion; none is done on that machine.

If a machine is running Windows, cvswrappers on that machine
turns on or off CRLF conversion.  This applies regardless
of whether the machine is a client or a server.

Both the client and server pay attention to cvswrappers,
use them to turn on or off ASCII mode when opening data files,
and pass them to the peer when processing binary files.

Therefore, it is sufficient to set up cvswrappers on 
either the server or the client.  The preferred method
is probably CVSROOT/cvswrappers.

Did I get that right?  

Where is this doc'd in the FM?


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