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Shared Checkout are for Document control

From: Richard F Weber
Subject: Shared Checkout are for Document control
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 09:46:38 -0500

Not sure how to really describe what the technical term is for what I'm
looking for, but here it goes:

What I'm looking for is using CVS as a way to maintain documents &
source code by using a shared area for development.  Basically, you have
your CVS repository, and a shared common area that all of the documents
& source code gets checked out into.

In the shared directory, the documents themselves are present, and able
to get locked by any authorized user.  When the authorized user is done
editing the file, they can then commit it back in, and lock the file
back up so a user is required to check the file out..  However, whenever
I try to do this, all of the files are checked out & owned by user X,
meaning User Y can't change file permissions on them.  I could use
sticky bits on the *nix side, but the windows side doesn't have the same
kind of functionality.

This is pretty much similar to what RCS itself offers, but what I like
about CVS is:

1) Centralized repository.  While there will likely be only one shared
work area, there may be multiple and it'd be nice to have a local (we
have 3 nationwide plants) copy that can be synced up & such.

2) Decent GUI Windows & Linux tools.  RCS doesn't seem to have much in
the way of GUI Tools, and the end-users aren't the best people to let
play wtih command line tools.

3) Can get changelogs & diffs for a revision easily, versus going to
each directory & each file to dig them up.

Ultimately, it'd be nice to replace our ClearCase system with this
system mainly for cost, but CC offers lots of features we just aren't
using, but appear to be present in CVS.

Thanks in advance.


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