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Re: Import (first deleting the old Repository source)

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Import (first deleting the old Repository source)
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 09:54:48 -0500

Patrik Sjöberg wrote:

> Someone please answer this question...
> Is it ok to just delete (rm -r sourcedir) a cvs source and do a new import
> with the same vendor tag and release tag with a sligtly modified source
> (added some directories)? I have also modified my cvswrappers file to treat
> more extensions as binary since the old import missed some extensions, which
> is also a reason why I wanna do the import all over again.
> The question: can i delete the sources from cvs repository and do a new
> import with the new modified sources, with the same vendor and release tag
> as the old deleted source?


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That said, yes, but I hate telling anybody to do that.  Just be absolutely sure
that you don't have anything in there you really did want.  And that you only
delete what you wanted to.  And maybe have a backup lying around for a few
months or years in case you were wrong.

Alternatively, just reimport the source with the same vendor tag and a new
release tag (or the same one if you are pretty sure you really don't care about
the first - of course you could create a new tag at the first ('cvs tag -r
first_release_tag save_orig_tag') and reuse the original without losing any
information).  This should take advantage of CVS' normal vendor branch
functionality and the second import will be at the the tip anyhow.  If you
never go back to the first import you'll never even know it was there.  The
only thing I might worry about is that the bin mode of the files with the
extensions you added might not be repaired but I think they will.  If this is
the case you might also simply move the first import out of the way in the
repository if you're not absolutely sure you want it completely gone.


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