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Re: Shared Checkout are for Document control

From: Donald Sharp
Subject: Re: Shared Checkout are for Document control
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 10:23:02 -0500
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On Mon, Nov 06, 2000 at 09:46:38AM -0500, Richard F Weber wrote:
> Not sure how to really describe what the technical term is for what I'm
> looking for, but here it goes:
> What I'm looking for is using CVS as a way to maintain documents &
> source code by using a shared area for development.  Basically, you have
> your CVS repository, and a shared common area that all of the documents
> & source code gets checked out into.
> In the shared directory, the documents themselves are present, and able
> to get locked by any authorized user.  When the authorized user is done
> editing the file, they can then commit it back in, and lock the file
> back up so a user is required to check the file out..  However, whenever
> I try to do this, all of the files are checked out & owned by user X,
> meaning User Y can't change file permissions on them.  I could use
> sticky bits on the *nix side, but the windows side doesn't have the same
> kind of functionality.

Why a shared directory?  CVS is meant to be used such that each
developer gets his/her own workspace.

> This is pretty much similar to what RCS itself offers, but what I like
> about CVS is:
> 1) Centralized repository.  While there will likely be only one shared
> work area, there may be multiple and it'd be nice to have a local (we
> have 3 nationwide plants) copy that can be synced up & such.
> 2) Decent GUI Windows & Linux tools.  RCS doesn't seem to have much in
> the way of GUI Tools, and the end-users aren't the best people to let
> play wtih command line tools.
> 3) Can get changelogs & diffs for a revision easily, versus going to
> each directory & each file to dig them up.
> Ultimately, it'd be nice to replace our ClearCase system with this
> system mainly for cost, but CC offers lots of features we just aren't
> using, but appear to be present in CVS.
> Thanks in advance.
> --Rich

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