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SV: Putting a catalog in a different location...

From: ole-thomas . naringsrud
Subject: SV: Putting a catalog in a different location...
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 20:59:16 +0100

Thanks.. this excatly what I was looking for. I didn't notice the -d option
when I looked in the manual - silly me.. I don't quite understand what you
mean with 'breaking reproducibility of old releases'. If you have a spare
moment to explain this to me, it would be very nice. 

I'll try to explain what my purposes is for this arrangement. 

We have some guys maintaining images, icons, sound files etc, and we have
some Java developers working with GUI's. The IDE that the developer are
using require that the these files remain in the CLASSPATH in order to
include them in theire applications. In the future other development
platforms may also use these files. Because of all this I thought it would
be smart to have a special module just for these files. 

In real life this means that the images guys are going to checkout the files
from the orginal location, and the developer checks out their source code
and get the imagefiles copied into their working copy. Non of the developers
will have access checkin images files.

Do you think this will work??


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Emne: Re: Putting a catalog in a different location...

Yes, this is possible by munging the modules database.  Beware, however,
that the modules database is not properly versioned, so changing an existing
entry will break reproducibility of old releases.  You must create a new
module to get the new layout.

The new module might look something like this:

newmod          -a newmod-1 newmod-2 newmod-3 newmod-4
newmod-1        -l -d top-dir             top-dir
newmod-2           -d top-dir/java        top-dir/java
newmod-3        -l -d top-dir/misc        top-dir/misc
newmod-4           -d top-dir/java/images top-dir/misc/images

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Is this possible??

Let's say I have a repository tree that looks like this:

I want to check out a working copy where the images catalog is placed under
the java catalog. 

Working copy : top-dir/java/images

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