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Suggestions Requested, Thanks..

From: Ray Schneider
Subject: Suggestions Requested, Thanks..
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 10:44:38 -0500
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Hello, Ive recently been administrating a cvs repository, now I have need to 
have either another repository on the same machine or a significant branch to
the existing one...Heres my situation:

2 Different Development Groups
Each have readers and writers within their respective groups
Each should be able to read the other groups tree
Each should have one admin that is the only person allowed to commit to 
production code.

What I would like have is your ideas as to how you would lay this out?
Would it be better to use cvs readers and writers files or use
CVSROOT/passwd and alias the users to systems users with the appropriate
permissions??? When doing that would it be good to make the default 
group of the writer user be the reader user??? What are your suggestions?

I know this is rather vague but thats because I havent really decided the
path best to take...I have a couple of choices as I see it but really want
to hear from some of you as I figure this may be a somewhat normal type
of thing to have going on..

Thanks for any of your ideas...
Ray Schneider                   ray at

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