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Branch just a few files in a module ?

From: pedu
Subject: Branch just a few files in a module ?
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 19:41:36 +0100


If I have a moderately sized module to check out, (say 150 to 200 files in
10 subdirectories), and only half a dozen or so of the files have branches,
what is the best way to proceed?  (The tagged files are not collected in
one sub-directory, and there are reasons for keeping them where they are.
There are a couple of modules like this.)

I tried `cvs co -f -r tagname modname`

but then `cvs status any_file_not_tagged`

shows that the -r tag stuck, and that there is now no corresponding
repository file for this working copy.  I had hoped that this would have
just checked out the head branch, but then updated files with the tag, if
the tag existed for that file.

I'm still relatively free to make organisational changes to my repository.
Using CVS 1.10.8, on AIX4.3.3, with AIX and WinNT clients, rsh connection



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