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Re: Suggestions Requested, Thanks..

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Suggestions Requested, Thanks..
Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2000 15:34:41 -0500

Ray Schneider wrote:

> 2 Different Development Groups
> Each have readers and writers within their respective groups
> Each should be able to read the other groups tree
> Each should have one admin that is the only person allowed to commit to
> production code.
> What I would like have is your ideas as to how you would lay this out?
> Would it be better to use cvs readers and writers files or use
> CVSROOT/passwd and alias the users to systems users with the appropriate
> permissions??? When doing that would it be good to make the default
> group of the writer user be the reader user??? What are your suggestions?

Utilizing the readers and writers files in your case would require two
repositories.  You'll probably want to use standard UNIX users and groups to do
what you want.  Look up the LockDir config file setting in the manual and make
sure everyone has write access to the LockDir tree and maybe the CVSROOT/history
file.  After that it's just like UNIX.


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