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Re: cvs log and revision range

From: 'Laine Stump'
Subject: Re: cvs log and revision range
Date: 09 Nov 2000 18:36:50 -0500
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address@hidden (Guus Leeuw) writes:

> HEAD: 1.4
> What's the common branchpoint for BRANCH2_HEAD and BRANCH1_HEAD?
> There isn't any... untill we hit 1.1(.1.1)... Which is too way back in the 
> past.

What is the definition of "too way back in the past"? Any two versions
in cvs have a common branchpoint *somewhere* in the past, and that point
"is what it is"; I don't see how any point would be "too far".

The common branchpoint (according to what I *meant*, at least ;-) of and, btw, is 1.2, not 1.1:

    1.1 --- 1.2 --- 1.3 --- 1.4
             \       \
              \       \-- ---
                \-- ---

As an example, a log of changes between and would be:

     - log
     - log
     - 1.3     log
     + log
     + log

(Note to purists: Yes, I realize that CVS would itself never choose
x.x.1.1 for any branch (except for for the vendor branch). If
it makes you feel better, just replace all 1.x.1.x with 1.x.2.x ;-)

(Note 2: I'm not actually suggesting that somebody *should* implement
this, just pointing out that the raw information is available, it is
possible, and someone sufficiently motivated *could* implement it if
they wanted.)

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