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WinCVS and templates troubles

From: cstone
Subject: WinCVS and templates troubles
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 03:27:41 -0000
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Can not get my template to work using WinCVS.  Whenever I commit 
using WinCVS (v1.1b16), it pops-up with a message box where I can 
enter my comments.  At the bottom of this "Commit settings" window, 
there is a drop down option titled "Insert CVS/Template".  If I 
select this option it immediately replies *found no CVS/Template 
file*...where is it looking for this template? On my local NT 
workstation or the remote CVS server?

my commit-template file on the remote CVS server looks like this:
Comments :

my rcsinfo file on the remote CVS server looks like this:
DEFAULT         $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/commit-template

my checkoutlist file on the remote CVS server looks like this:
commit-template    unable to checkout commit-template

If I am directly on the CVS server via SSH or telnet, the template 
comes up everytime I issue a cvs commit no problem.

Do I need to copy the commit-template to my local NT workstation in 
order for WinCVS to find it?

I have read through several posts on this mailing list and can not 
find the answer I'm looking for.  I have the Cederqvist manual and 
have read through it, what page am I not reading properly?  I have 
the WinCVS manual and have read through that, no where in it does it 
mention "templates".

Has anyone had success with this?  

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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