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Committing removal of empty directories?

From: Pekka Savola
Subject: Committing removal of empty directories?
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 15:34:38 +0200 (EET)

Hello all,

I have a 4-level directory structure, all empty now.  I'd like to remove
those directories from CVS.  However, I can't figure _how_.  For example:

Let's assume I'm in /tmp/dir1/dir2/dir3; there's still dir4 left.

'cvs remove dir4' says:
cvs remove: dir4

'cvs commit dir4' then says:
cvs commit: Examining dir4

Ok. Didn't work.

Time to try removing dir4 first, with rm -rf.

'cvs remove dir4' now says:
cvs remove: Removing dir4
cvs [remove aborted]: could not chdir to dir4: No such file or directory

and 'cvs commit dir4' says nothing, but the thing is still there after

Ok.  How you're supposed to remove empty directories from CVS?  There has
to be a way apart from hacking CVSROOT files directly.

Please Cc:, not on the list.

Pekka Savola                 "Tell me of difficulties surmounted,
address@hidden      not those you stumble over and fall"

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