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From: Alejandro G M Benitez
Subject: Getting
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 16:28:11 -0300

Need: It would be a great thing if i could convert my pvcs archives to
Reason: The idea of starting from scratch in cvs and keeping the old
stuff in pvcs doesnt attract me lots cause the pvcs module i have is
part of a rad tool i got and its upgrades havent come with pvcs module
so i need to have that old version of the rad tool installed each time
id wish to see the archives.
Beg: I've read about a file that would solve my problem, but
i swear i havent found it anywhere (try to search it). Please please, if
there is someone who is real charitative, could you tell me where to
find it? I ve read someone has completely rewriten it and that works
pretty fine (doesn't this sound like the legend of a file?). If someone
knew about the whereabouts of a latest version would be really great if
he told me.

Thanks in advance!


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