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Re: Getting

From: David Martin
Subject: Re: Getting
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 14:15:34 -0600

Hello Alejandro,

> Beg: I've read about a file that would solve my problem, but
> i swear i havent found it anywhere (try to search it). Please please, if
> there is someone who is real charitative, could you tell me where to
> find it? I ve read someone has completely rewriten it and that works
> pretty fine (doesn't this sound like the legend of a file?). If someone
> knew about the whereabouts of a latest version would be really great if
> he told me.

You can get the officially-hosted version from the web site

You can get the slightly modified version from my home page at:

The slight modifications are:
1)  Process archive filenames with spaces
2)  Correctly process archives with major revision numbers not equal to 1
3)  Remove the comment that the script may not convert branches.
Modifications done, I think by Derek Price, are present in both versions,
I've found that branch conversion works fine.

Be aware that the script is blissfully unaware of PVCS project configuration
files and that you must define the extensions in the perl script which
correspond to binary files.  The script only operates on archives and
assumes that your working directory structure mirrors your archive tree
structure (true in most cases, unless you use the archive-to-workfile
remapping capability of PVCS project/subprojects/folders).

And, as always, the usual warnings apply (use at your own risk, use a copy
of your PVCS archives, verify the results, etc. etc.)

David Martin

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