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RE: [PATCH] cvs list and cvs rlog

From: Alastair J. Houghton
Subject: RE: [PATCH] cvs list and cvs rlog
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 22:02:29 -0000

Oops. Found a security hole (not a major one - but it does let others
explore the directory structure outside your repository...). Try for

  cvs list ../usr

The solution is of course to add the lines

    /* Check the repository path */
    if (pathname_levels (argv[0]) > 0)
        error (0, 0, "`..'-relative repositories are not supported.");
        error (1, 0, "illegal source repository");
to the very beginning of "list_proc" in "list.c" and
"rlog_list_proc" (Why did I call it this?! Consider it renamed to
"rlog_proc") in "log.c".



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