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order of branches important?

From: Jelle Boomstra
Subject: order of branches important?
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 00:00:20 +0100


The project i'm currently working on, has existed a long time before anyone
bothered about verion control. It has been adapted for each customer that
bought the stuff, with adaptions made to already adapted versions. Indeed just
like banches made onto branches. 
   Now that i'm trying to put it all under CVS, is it important in what order
I import the various branches? Each branch (customer) only has one version that
is being maintained, so the history is not that much important to me. I do plan
to try to merge development from one branch to other branches. 

What i want to know is this: should I try to recreate the order in which the
different versions were made or can i just go ahead and import every branch
onto 1.1 with no common ancestor?  

I noticed the PRCS homepage had a large section on this subject. Should i
rather use PRCS for extensive branche merging or can CVS do this as good? I'm a
bit worried about using a lesser-used tool. Any pointers to CVS branch
merging are welcome.

Thanks a lot.

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