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CVSpserver - connection refused

From: Bradley Johnston
Subject: CVSpserver - connection refused
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 12:13:30 -0500

I am attempting to port a project from VSS to CVS. Histories and versions
are not an issue as I will do a fresh import to CVS and start clean. I
intent to run winCVS or jCVS to access a LINUX based CVS server from Windows
clients as well as run an automated build script from Perl using CVS command
line (the build uses VSS command line now.)

I installed Mandrake Linux 7.2 (Release) 
I opted for a server setup.
CVS was there waiting for me. 
I followed Karl Forgels book ("Open Source Development with CVS") to
initialize CVS create a project and import my code base.
I can check code in/out and I can do updates on the local console (from the
command line). 
I followed the same books information to set up CVS pserver.

When I attempt to access CVS remotely I get a "connection refused" from port
2401. This happens from winCVS, jCVS, and tenet (which I used as a test just
to see what would happen.) I checked the Usenet archives for this type of
issue and consequently checked out for the "Trouble making a
connection to a CVS server" topic. I set up the echo example for trouble
shooting and attempted to Telnet in but it still gave me a "connection
refused" response.

in my /etc/services file I have the following lines:
 cvspserver 2401/tcp  # CVS client/server operations
 cvspserver 2401/udp  # CVS client/server operations

and, in my /etc/inetd.conf file I have this line:

 cvspserver stream tcp nowait root /usr/local/bin/cvs cvs
--allow-root=/usr/local/projects/cvsroot pserver 

I also tried:

 2401  stream  tcp  nowait  root /bin/echo echo hello

I also did a kill -HUP and I got a message that no inetd services were

Bradley Johnston
Build Developer
TrueSpectra Inc.
E-mail: address@hidden
Phone:  (416) 224-0076 ext. 8296
Fax:    (416) 224-0309

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