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CVS update and edit

From: Guilhem BONNEFILLE
Subject: CVS update and edit
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 19:56:12 +0000


We are using CVS 1.10 in professional context. We have a strange problem
: when we update our directory local, some files edited, but not
modified, lost their "edited" properties.

An example :
In directory src/ we have two files file1.c and file2.c. These two files
are reserved (with "cvs edit") by user1. Before modifying these files,
user2 commit a new version of file1.c. When user1 update (with "cvs
update -P -d") his local directory, the two files lose their "edited"

In fact, there are lots of files and lots of directories and lots of
commited files.

Is it a "bug" (I didn't find some thing like this in known bugs) ??
In YES case, is it a corrected bug in more recent versions ??
In NO case, what's the reasons ??

Thank's for all informations.
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