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Re: cvs - modules query

From: Laine Stump
Subject: Re: cvs - modules query
Date: 22 Nov 2000 12:16:12 -0500
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iag <address@hidden> writes:

> So what I'm trying to do is have files in a single workspace directory
> contain files from multiple repository directories and having played around
> with alias modules, etc., I still can't see how (or if?) cvs supports this.
> It complains as soon as I try to specify a module which takes files from a
> second repository directory and try to put them into a workspace directory
> that's already got stuff in it from another repository directory.

What you're looking for is something analogous to VSS' "sharing"
concept, where a single work directory can contain files that are
stored in multiple directories in the repository. This is not possible
with CVS, since it specifies the repository location of files on a
per-directory basis, not per file.

The best you can do is to "share" entire directories using the modules
file. Personally, I try to avoid "sharing" as much as possible, since
it can lead to situations where you can't *really* test your changes
until after you've committed them, then updated the other locations in
the project where those files exist (which violates many teams' rule
of only committing code that has been thoroughly tested). Aside from
that, the modules setup isn't version controlled, so if your project
depends on directories shared in using modules, and you change the
modules setup, you could end up not being able to accurately reproduce
an older version of code.

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