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CVS co-existing with RCS?

From: Bruce Cota
Subject: CVS co-existing with RCS?
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 11:38:32 -0500

It seems taht CVS and RCS history files are identical, but that CVS
and RCS expect those files to be in different places (a CVS repository
in one case, the current directory or an RCS subdirectory in the other

So, could I get away with making sym-links called "RCS" from a common
working directory into a CVS repository, so that some developers could
use rcs commands from the common directory while others use cvs to
access the repository?

This is to provide a transition for a site that currently uses RCS to
support a web-based application.  The development web server uses the
most recently checked out html files, CGIs, etc and a big, complex
makefile moves the most recently checked in files from the RCS
subdirectories to a test server or production server.  I'm pushing
hard to move us to CVS, but only a few users will have their own web
servers to work with, so only they will be able to use CVS "as it is
intended".  Changing the build system (which expects RCS
subdirectories) is also tricky.

So I'm wondering if we can allow most users (and the build system) to
continue use RCS while a few users switch to CVS.

The big wrinkle I see is that when a user commits changes to the CVS
repository, those changes will not become visible in the working
directory which is under RCS control.  

Is there anything else wrong with this plan?

Thanks for any advice.

-Bruce Cota

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