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Separate filename and module name in loginfo

From: Andre Mas
Subject: Separate filename and module name in loginfo
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 22:50:41 -0000
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 I have been playing around a little and found something that is
 causing problems with my scripts. Currently I have a script that
 takes the %s value, and then splits it at the space so that it
 can checkout the file into a 'shadow folder', so that it can
 be compiled if need be. The problem comes when modules and files
 both contain spaces in their names, now my scripts break. Sure
 I could ask everyone not to put spaces in the module and file
 names, but I feel that this something that should be catered for
 in a future version of cvs. If I get time I will modify my own
 copy, though it would be nice to see this feature supported.


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