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Re: problems in installing CVS on redhat Linux

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: problems in installing CVS on redhat Linux
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 14:40:32 -0500 (EST)

vinay sinha writes:
>    $ cvs import -m "test distribution" ccvs CVS_DIST CVS-TEST
> I watched text fly all over the screen.After some time, I went
> ahead and CTRL-C'd the command.  I checked out the directory structure and
> it looked something like this:
> src/
> src/master/
> src/master/ccvs
> src/master/ccvs/ccvs
> src/master/ccvs/ccvs/ccvs
> src/master/ccvs/ccvs/ccvs/ccvs
> src/master/ccvs/ccvs/ccvs/ccvs/ccvs
> src/master/ccvs/ccvs/ccvs/ccvs/ccvs/ccvs

You've got $CVSROOT set wrong -- you should set it to a brand new
(empty!) directory and then do the init.  The directory you're trying to
import should not be under the $CVSROOT directory!

And what version of CVS are you trying to install?  I thought the
current version (1.11, which you can get from didn't
allow this kind of recursive death import.

-Larry Jones

Your bangs do a good job of covering up the lobotomy stitches. -- Calvin

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