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Re: Informing others about commits

From: Peter Wolfe
Subject: Re: Informing others about commits
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 13:11:13 -0800

Tomá¹ Velek wrote:
> Hello,
> don't you know where is described (with details if it's possible) creating
> of scripts?
> I need email to be send to concrete people, after the concrete event
> (mostly commit or add and delete). To which people, it dependes on which
> modul was commited.
> I know that the file 'loginfo' serves to it, but from the available help I
> didn't realize exactly, how should the content of this file look.
> Next question: Where can I edit in CVS SMTP address of my server.
> Thanks for every help.
> Tomas


here is the script that we use:

#! /bin/ksh

/bin/mail -s "COMMITED-code" XXX YYY

exit 0

This script results in e-mail which looks like:

Subject: COMMITED-code
   Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 10:43:27 PST
   From: ZZZ
     To: XXX YYY
Update of /u/cvs/ROOT/dna/IAPI/MIP
In directory

Modified Files:
      Tag: b_HO
Log Message:
Fixing a warning in BUILD

This is configured to go by the following in CVSROOT/loginfo:

ALL                   $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/mailwolfe %s

Hope this helps
Peter Wolfe                      Tel: (604) 303-2300
Telos Engineering Limited,
120 - 13120 Vanier Place,        FAX: (604) 276-0501
Richmond, BC, V6V 2J2.           email: address@hidden

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