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Re: Informing others about commits

From: Rickard Parker
Subject: Re: Informing others about commits
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 17:47:44 -0500

> I know that the file 'loginfo' serves to it, but from the available
> help I didn't realize exactly, how should the content of this file
> look.

Here is an edited version of what we have in loginfo (names changed
and superfluous entries removed).  I use "@@" below to indicate a line
break in this e-mail that is not in the loginfo file.

Note that most mail gets sent to "projteam" but we could use different
aliases for different modules.

You want to think about the e-mail subject lines.  What we have below
allows the developers to sort mail by subject easily.


# If nothing else matches do this:
DEFAULT (echo ""; echo $USER; echo %s; date; cat) @@
        | /usr/bin/mail -s "Commit Log - Misc. CVS" $USER projteam

# Put all commits into one central log
ALL     (echo ""; echo $USER; echo %s; date; cat) @@
        >> /cvsroot/CVSROOT/commitlog

# Make sure that any Repository Control files also get sent to CVS admin
# (this is currently cvsers)
^CVSROOT  (echo ""; echo $USER; echo %s; date; cat) @@
        | /usr/bin/mail -s "Commit Log - CVSROOT" $USER cvsers

## Break out the project tree by Subject for different groups
# Note: if this is too much for a given group or user,
#  the intent is to copy the developer list to a proj_<something>
#  list and send mail to that instead.  That way, an individual
#  user could explicitly exclude commits from a particular sub-tree.
^project1/executable1  (echo ""; echo $USER; echo %s; date; cat) @@
        | /usr/bin/mail -s "Commit Log - Project1 executable1" $USER projteam
^project1/executable2  (echo ""; echo $USER; echo %s; date; cat) @@
        | /usr/bin/mail -s "Commit Log - Project1 executable2" $USER projteam

# No mail for these
^project2   cat > /dev/null

# For users learning or testing CVS - just send to USER
^foobar (echo ""; echo $USER; echo %s; date; cat) @@
        | /usr/bin/mail -s "Commit Log - Test" $USER

Good luck,
    Rick Parker

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