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general concept question

From: Boris
Subject: general concept question
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 11:52:41 -0800

Hello info-cvs,

CVS is a really great program. I am using it since 09-2000 and I am so
happy about this great product.

Currently, i have not setup any branches yet, because i never felt to
do this. But my project i am developing gets bigger and bigger, i am
sure i could give out a CURRENT version.

I want to create a STABLE, CURRENT, DEVEL and RELEASE branch as well,
but the branches should be shared into FREE branch and COMMERCIAL
branch (for a light version of one of my commercial projects).

Hm, let´s think a little bit. I think i would need this:

FREE version


or should i go this way:



and so on?

The FREE version should have some less functions, for example 30
functions less than the commercial version. But all these functions
are located in one file, for example "".

Now i would have in the free branch with less functions and in the commercial branch. Now the file appears 4 times in the
free branch (dev,curr,stab,rel) and 4-5 times in the commercial branch

A lot of duplicates I think, very complex or am i completely wrong?

Now on the commercial edition i would find a bug in But if i
would merge the file with the free edition, every commercial functions
will be merged in this file, too - or am I completely wrong or is
there some misunderstanding?

Hm, any comments / suggestions? A complex situation -(

Best regards,
 Boris                          mailto:address@hidden

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