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CVS access through a firewall

From: Stephen Rasku
Subject: CVS access through a firewall
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 10:21:08 -0800 (PST)

We have a non open-source project with geographically distributed 
developers who need access to CVS.  They need to be able to get 
through the firewall from the Internet to get to the CVS server inside 
the firewall.  Since the project is not open-source, it seems we 
should use the ext/ssh protocol.  

However, developers also need to ssh to the firewall to login to the 
internal network.  I would like to set up an arbitrary port, say 9999, 
which will be forwarded to the ssh port on the CVS server.  Is it 
possible to configure the CVS client to talk to a different port than 
the default ssh port (e.g. possibly through a CVSROOT variable.)?

I am currently using cvs 1.10.7 but would be willing to upgrade to get 
this functionality as long it is stable.  I would also consider any 
patches that are available.

Stephen Rasku                   E-mail: address@hidden
Senior Software Engineer        Web:
TGI Technologies              

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