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Re: Patch & add files ?

From: richard offer
Subject: Re: Patch & add files ?
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 14:07:09 -0800

* $ from address@hidden at "25-Nov: 3:08pm" | sed "1,$s/^/* /"
* Hi,
* I'm in a developpement project for which I can't directly commit my work with
* the cvs.
* I can access the CVS repositery in reading but not in writing.
* I usually do a
* $ cvs diff > patch
* and I send the patch to the maintainer of the project.
* But if I want to add files ? Can I use an option with the cvs diff that
* includes new files in the patch ?


You can try to use the -N option. Except its broken when using cvs diff.
Instead I use cvs rdiff. In fact I added it as a target to the makefiles

    cvs -q rdiff -u -kk -r PRE_LINUX_AUDIT trux/$(RDIR)/$(TARSRC) | sed -e

In this case trux is the name of the repository, $(RDIR) the current directory
(relative to trux), and TARSRC the name of the directory I want to generate a
patch for.

In your case you will need to keep track of the revision from which you've
diff'ed from. Hopefully the project applies good (and frequent) tags.

* Thank you.
* Paul


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