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problem when trying to join branch to trunk

From: Ephraim Yawitz
Subject: problem when trying to join branch to trunk
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2000 18:52:40 +0200

I am running CVS on Win NT using a :local: repository.  We have been working
on a branch of our CVS tree for about a month or two, and now want to rejoin
it to the trunk.  (One of the reasons is that we have become aware of the
fact that it is evidently impossible to get old versions of the branch by
date using -D.)  There are a number of files on the branch which do not
exist on the trunk, and when I tried to commit a directory based on the
trunk but updated to join with the branch with 'cvs up -j' I got an error
for every new file:

cvs commit: failed to move `g:\cvsrepository/foo/bar/Attic/xxx.c,v' out of
the attic: Permission denied

The directory where the repository is and all the files in it have global
read-write permissions, although the files are marked 'read-only' (but this
has never presented any other problems with CVS.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,

Efraim Yawitz

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