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client/server file sending question

From: Richard Whitfield
Subject: client/server file sending question
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 14:46:48 +0800

Hi All,

I am considering using CVS for distributed engineering design projects
(2,000+ CAD files, each 1-3MB). Drawings would be created/modified in
several countries.

I have had a good look through the website and I have found
out that CVS sends patches for large files during updates "when
appropriate". Can anybody tell me the algorithm followed in deciding whether
to send the whole file or just a patch when updating working directories
over the Internet?

I will be breaking each project into a series of modules so that the working
directories are smaller, but they will still probably be 1-200MB for most
designers. Also there may be 10-20 drawing files modified between updates. I
do not want the designers to have to wait for 50-60MB of data to come down
the pipe when they do an update (when the actual file changes will probably
be less than 1-2MB).


Richard Whitfield
Megatrend Information Services Ltd.

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