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Re: Verifymsg on branches?

From: Laird Nelson
Subject: Re: Verifymsg on branches?
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 09:18:34 -0500

> Alex Harper wrote:
> I'm fairly certain this will not work for the commit -r case Laird
> mentioned, but since 99% of my users are using GUI CVS clients which
> do not have a commit -r interface anyway I decided this was a hole I
> could live with (given no other choice).

FWIW, that's the same approach I used.

> Loginfo supplies a lot more information than any of the other CVS
> hooks, the problem for me was that by the time the loginfo runs you
> can't stop the commit. Its already happened. So while you can warn the
> user that they didn't include a bug number you can't actually _make_
> them do anything at that point.

Right.  About the only thing you could do is something really fancy,
ugly and evil involving another cvs invocation--like a cvs admin -m or

> If someone with more CVS hook experience than I knows of a hole in the
> above suggestion please let me know...

Nope, that's about right.


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