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Admin command and reserved checkout

From: Bronsard, Ghislaine (Ghislaine)
Subject: Admin command and reserved checkout
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 08:44:06 +0100


I want to use the strict reserved checkout for a module. I see that it can
be done by
Using the "cvs admin -l" command with "rev" indication. I don't want to lock
only a revision,
I want to lock an entire module.

So how can I specify that I want to have single checkout on an entire module
? From where
Must I run the cvs admin command. How can I specify the module name ?

Another problem is that the cvs admin command doesn't run because of rights.
The cvs executable
owns to X and the group Y. I create a cvsadmin group. I put the user X in
that group. But it doesn't work.
The error is "cvs [admin aborted]: usage is restricted to members of the
group Y" .

Ghislaine Bronsard

Lucent Technologies Lannion - FRANCE           
Phone : + 33 (0)2 96 48 38 39
e-mail : address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden> 

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